Maintenance calories are the amount of caloric intake your body needs for optimal function and output. Things like blinking your eyes, tapping your leg, chewing food and pumping your heart all take energy to perform. If your body isn’t consuming enough energy (calories) to complete these basic tasks, it’s going to overcompensate from somewhere else to get these jobs done the best it can. This may be why your energy level is low, hormonally imbalanced, low sex drive and in-effective weight loss. A diet that supports these calories with personalized Macro Nutrients will guide you towards a well balanced - you!

Macro Nutrients

What are Macro Nutrients?  These are the individual categories that make up calories. Calories come from protein, fat and carbohydrates. Every gram of protein and carbohydrates make up 4 total calories and every gram of fat makes up 9 total calories.

Macro Nutrients are the fuel for your body and energy expenditure. Creating a prescription that is individualized to your body composition will increase the positive response you are looking for from your body.

Energy Balance will determine weight change (gained or lost). Composition (Macro Nutrients) of that energy balance will determine the composition of that change (muscle or fat) that is gained or lost.