What is Nutrition Coaching?


Nutrition coaching is a process, a journey that I will assist, support, encourage and hold you accountable for. We will focus on Macro Nutrients to pave the path towards your personal goals. Through honest communication, weekly check-ins and information tailored to your needs, I will do my best to educate you on the tools you need to conquer this life long journey.

I am a resource for you and look forward to your questions, so please reach out to me anytime! We will have scheduled check-in dates but I encourage you to communicate frequently between those mandatory times.

Katie Hatzenbuehler

Level 1 Crossfit Coach
Level 1 Nutrition Coach

After 5 years of Crossfit and eating healthy, I knew I had to be missing something to get better results.  Add running to my workouts? Lift heavier? Lighter?

I would see social media posts of all these athletes and think “What the heck are they doing different! They must just train so much more than I do.  What’s their secret?!”

The secret is NOT a secret.  I turned to Nutrition instead of overtraining and wrecking my body.  After almost DOUBLING my Calories and a personalized Macro Prescription, I thought, “How on earth is this possible?  ALL I do is eat and I’m supposed to gain definition from this?”

Turns out under eating is SO common in diets today.  There is the secret. Yep - you need to eat MORE!

Did I get an instant 6-pack, No!  Did I lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks, Nope; my scale has NOT moved in 7 MONTHS.  But the way I feel, my energy, my performance in the gym and my body composition changes mean SO much more than what the scale says!

I couldn’t help but want to share this experience with anyone and everyone that has enough courage to trust the process!  After completing my Level 1 in Nutrition Coaching, I am anxious to share tools, knowledge and skills to support YOU in a journey that can last a lifetime!

It’s not about a food menu, it’s not about limiting food and “Cheat Meals”.  It IS about having a homeostasis level of Macronutrients that fuel your body to run efficiently!  It IS about adequate sleep, hydration, activity level, recovery, relaxers and SO much more.  Are you ready to make the change? Fuel it a lot -  its the only one you’ve got.

Discover Knowledge.  Be Bold.  You are fearless.  Conquer every Day.

Nutrition Coach ktH